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KOMIPO Generating Cooperating SMEs Export Success

2018. 2. 26. 11:41

\10 Bil. Int'l Business Contracts Realized in January

A vendor registration consultation meeting taking place with MHPS in November last year with KOMIPO arrangement.

Powered by KOMIPO's shared growth initiative involving overseas market development, a Korean SMEs won export orders, valued at combined 10 billion won in January.


Seonghwa Industrial Co., Ltd, a KOMIPO cooperative company signed the business contracts--4.0 billion won with Tanjung Jati TPP in Indonesia and 6.0 billion won with Cirebon TPP and a power plant in Philippines.


Moreover, with the arrangement of KOMIPO, Seonghwa Industrial, a manufacturer of pipe hanger support products, etc, which are used in the field of power plants, won a vendor registration of MPHS (Mitsubishi Hitachi Power System) of Japan in November last year.


Designed to support SMEs, KOMIPO has been implementing accompanied overseas advance programs since 2010, which include K(KOMIPO)-Jang Bogo Trade Promotion Dispatch and arrangement of vendor registration with KOMIPO's global business partners such as GE, Siemens, MPHS, etc., and KOMIPO's cooperative companies.


As a result, a total of 22 KOMIPO-cooperative companies have been registered at the vendor list of GE, creating 24.2 billion won business contracts.


Meanwhile, overseas power plants, operated and managed by KOMIPO purchased a total of U.S.$7.81 billion worth of products made by KOMIPO cooperative SMEs in 2017.


KOMIPO Acting President & CEO Janag Seong-Ik said," KOMIPO will continue to support SMEs to advance into overseas markets and grow to become a global hidden champions. That's a vital mission of public enterprises like KOMIPO."


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KOMIPO Stages Publicity for Anti-Calamity Safety Korea

2018. 2. 26. 11:39

Providing Opportunity of Earthquake Experience via VR

Students are bearing smiles after the completion their earthquake experience via vertical reality.

Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. (KOMIPO) staged publicity activities for the 2018 Anti-Calamity Safety Korea Drill, providing opportunities for the public to experience earthquake via VR (virtual reality) and operating junior engineering classroom at the 15th Korea Education Fair, which took place at COEX Jan.24-26.


Responding to the fair's theme,"Education, Key of the Future,"

KOMIPO provided on-site experience of earthquake via VR, leveraging to learn ways to avoid potential earthquake risk. Moreover, the KOMIPO education program delivered opportunities for the participants, mostly students and their parents, to learn the principle of electric power generation via assembling of easy-to-handle experiments kits.


After experiencing earthquake via VR, which was developed by KOMIPO for the first time in Korea, participants voiced their

satisfaction, pointing out its usefulness to prevent quake risk.


KOMIPO Acting President CEO Jang Seong-Ik said:" KOMIPO will continuously lead the establishment of safety-first initiative to project peoples valuable life and properties by developing and providing a variety of safety programs."


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KOMIPO to Be Born Again as a Global Top-Class Clean Energy Company

2018. 2. 26. 11:38

ECO-KOMIPO 2030 Proclamation Ceremony Takes Place

KOMIPO Acting President & CEO Jang Seong-Ik, center, is shouting "fighting" along with senior officials after ECO-KOMIPO 2030 proclamation ceremony on Jan. 22 at KOMIPO Headquarters in Boryeong City, Chungcheong-namdo Province.

Declaring a vision to be a global top-class clean energy company, Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. (KOMIPO) staged ECO-KOMIPO 2030 proclamation ceremony on Jan. 22 at its headquarters in Boryeong City, Chungcheong-namdo Province, unveiling a set of comprehensive policy package with a focus on realizing the value of environment.


Vowing its devoted dedication to eco-friendly management, KOMIPO presented its statistical target indicators, i.e. a 31.2% reduction in CO2 emission compared to BAU by 2030, an 86% improvement in air pollutants emission by 2025 and more in the ECO 2030 package, which comprises four major strategy themes, 16 component strategic tasks and 37 detailed action programs.


Proactively responding to the government's energy swift to eco-friendly and sustainable growth frame along with New Climate Regime globally, the KOMIPO proclamation of the eco-oriented action program had been preceded by communication and consultation with related professionals and stakeholders, maximizing its reliability and adaptability and beyond.


Acting KOMIPO President & CEO Jang Seong-Ik said, "We have reached a consensus that environment-friendly management is essential to generate the value of life, the core mission of KOMIPO as a public energy enterprise. We will double efforts to produce and supply stable and safe energy, delivering dream and light for people around the world."


KOMIPO Mid-to-Long-Term Environment Management

(Key Target Indicators and Implementation Programs)




Key Target Indicators

Implementation Measurers

(Involving Related Projects)

Projection Completion Year

Expected Effects


Air Pollutants Emission

Fine dust reduction measures

(Reinforcement of environment-related facilities retrofit plans, etc)


86% Improvement

(2015: 0.853ton/GWh 2025: 0.120ton/GWh)


Hazardous Chemical Usage

Boryeong TPPs facilities improvement


33% improvement, 833ton/year reduction

(2015: 0.082ton/GWh 2020: 0.055ton/GWh)


Water Usage for Electricity Production

Reuse of Boryeong treated sewage water

(under development)


- 46% improvement

(2015: 209ton/GWh 2020: 113.4ton/GWh)

- Reutilization of 3.6 million tons of treated sewage water, lessening demand for Boryeong Dam water for power generation purpose


CO2 Reduction

Fuel conversion, expanding the development of new and renewable energy sources at home and abroad (under development)


31.2% reduction compared to BAU



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KOMIPO-Operated Tanjung Jati TPP #3 & #4 Cited in Indonesia

2018. 2. 26. 11:35

Awarded with Best Power Generation Plant in 6 Categories

On Jan. 1, Tanjung Jati Thermal Power Plant #3 & #4 in Indonesia, currently operated & managed by Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. (KOMIPO) were honored with Best Plant Awards in six categories, according to the comprehensive appraisal results for power generation plants under the umbrella of PT. PLN (Indonesian Power Corporation).


The six top awards comprise two won by Tanjung Jati TPP #3, i.e. lowest trouble-free and stop rate for five years plus lowest trouble-free and stop rate for 2017 and four won by Tanjung Jati TPP #4 ­­ the highest operation rate for five years, lowest trouble-free and stop rate in 2017, the highest operation rate for 2017, the highest efficiency rate in 2017.


Acting KOMIPO President & CEO Jang Seong-Ik, "We are pleased that KOMIPO power plant projects have enlisted the highest appraisal in Indonesia, being recognized for our wealth of power grid technologies & expertises along with our mutually beneficial cooperation and collaboration with the Indonesian side."


Recalling that Korean President Moon Jae-in pointed out the Cirebon TPP #1 as an exemplary case of successful bilateral cooperation between Korea and Indonesia, Jang added, "The Tanjung Jati project is also valuable for both countries, contributing to stable electricity supply and generating economic & social value for both countries.


Meanwhile, KOMIPO plans to raise its total power generation projects to 3,900MW from 2,205MW at present in Indonesia.


At present, the power plants being operated by KOMIPO in Indonesia are Cirebon TPP #1 (660MW), Tanjung Jati #3 & #4 (1,320MW) and Wampu Hydropower Plant (45MW).


KOMIPO also has the Tangamus Hydropower Plant (55MW) presently under construction, Cirebon TPP #2 (1,000MW), Cirebon TPP #3 (660MW), Pongkeru Hydropower Plant (50MW) and Siborpa Hydropower Plant (114MW).


KOMIPO's Tanjung Jati Project at a Glance


Business contract period; Jan. 2012-Jan. 2032 (20 years after dedication)


Installed generation capacity: 1,320 MW(660x2 units)

Business method: Coal-fired TPP operation & management

Contract amount: About U.S.$440 million


Share rate: KOMIPO (51%), PT.PJB (49%)



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KOMIPO Launches Collegian SNS Supporters

2018. 2. 26. 11:34

Open & Innovative Communication, Connected With Value of Life

21 members of collegian SNS supporters are shouting "Fighting" after the kick-off ceremony of the voluntary corps.

On Jan. 11, Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. (KOMIPO) staged the kick-off ceremony of collegian SNS supporters, a volunteer corps to promote KOMIPO's innovative & open communication with people, anchoring KOMIPO's core management goal, i.e. generating the value of life.


The 21 KOMIPO-designated supporters will engaged in KOMIPO's responsible & responsive communication activities through various SNS channels such as facebook, blog, instargram, publicizing major KOMIPO activities that include stable & quality electricity production and contribution to quality job creation, rallying behind the government's policy initiative.


Before carrying out their mission, the collegian supporters will make on-site visit to KOMIPO for the next 3 months, holding face-to-face meeting with KOMIPO executive & employees, giving mentoring to members of KOMIPO's youth directors board. Furthermore, they plan to make field trip to 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, for which KOMIPO is participating as an official supplier.


Kim Shin-Hyong, KOMIPO Vice President in charge of Planning & Strategy Department, said, "KOMIPO is endeavoring to become a public energy enterprise, being responsible & responsive for communication with people. the collegian SNS supporters are expected to be a stepping stone-connecting KOMIPO & people."


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