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KOMIPO's 2nd Climate Environment Forum Due

2018. 4. 5. 09:54

- Energy Policy Shift & KOMIPO's Clean Energy Drive


Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. (KOMIPO) will hold its second Climate Environment Forum on March 27 in Boryeong Mudrin Hotel with the presence of professionals inside & outside KOMIPO.


Major topics of the forthcoming forum will include government's energy policy shift to eco-friendliness and KOMIPO's new business direction, etc.


Eight professionals including Park Jae-Muk, President of Daejeon Sejong Research Institute are scheduled to participate in the forum consisting of paper presentation & panel discussion.


Meanwhile, KOMIPO, which declared a vision to become global top-class clean energy company, i.e. Eco KOMIPO 2030, has been vigorously staging "responsive & responsible" communication activities with stakeholders, especially residents neighboring the KOMIPO power plants.


KOMIPO President & CEO Park Hyung-Koo said, "Proactively responding to the Korean government's energy policy swift, KOMIPO is making efforts to supply people with clean & safe energy, enlisting trust from people, leveraging the realizing the value of life and KOMIPO's sustainable & dynamic growth on it odyssey to join the rank of global top energy company.

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KOMIPO Inks Pact to Build Carbon Offset Forest at a Han River Site

2018. 4. 5. 09:52

- Contribution to Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Jung Seung-Kyeo, acting KOMIPO Executive Vice President in charge of Technology Division, left, signs a cooperative agreement to foster a carbon forest at a Han River site, along with representatives from Seoul Metropolitan City & National Institute of Forest Science.

After signing a cooperative agreement to foster a carbon forest at a site of Han River, related participants shout "Fighting." 

On March 21, Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. (KOMIPO) signed a cooperative agreement with Seoul Metropolitan City and National Institute of Forest Science on fostering a carbon offset forest at a Han River site.


Under the eco-friendly project, a total of 1,300 poplar trees will be planted at the 2 ha site for two years, aimed at contributing to greenhouse gas reduction, whose volume is estimated at 50 tons.


According to the agreement, Seoul Metropolitan City will designate the areas where forest carbon project will be implemented and undertake post-afforestation management while KOMIPO will carry out afforestation to foster forest carbon offset scheme. National Institute of Forest Science will provide related technological support and will conduct after-project monitoring.


KOMIPO President & CEO Park Hyung-Koo said, "Proactively responding to the growing need for eco-friendly environment, KOMIPO will actively participate the forest carbon offset project, contribution to greenhouse gas reduction.


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KOMIPO's PV Power Sharing for Social Welfare Facilities

2018. 4. 5. 09:48

- Creating Both Social & Economic Values

With the presence of Minister of Trade, Industry & Energy Paik Ungyu, fifth from left, KOMIPO President & CEO Park Hyung-Koo, third from left, is signing cooperative agreement of PV power sharing welfare network with representatives of participating companies & organizations.

KOMIPO President & CEO, third from left, is taking a group photo along with participants at the ground-breaking ceremony for the installation of a PV power generation system.

Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. (KOMIPO) signed a cooperative agreement on joint establishment photovoltaic (PV) power sharing welfare network along with Korea Energy Agency, Korea Energy Foundation and Seoul Metropolitan City on March 21.


With the presence of Minister of Trade, Industry & Energy Paik, Ungyu, the cooperative agreement was followed by ground-breaking ceremony for the installation of a PV power generation system, scaled at 43kW, at a health care facility for the elderly located at Sungdong-gu district, Seoul.


The project is in line with the drive to respond positively to government-led new & renewable energies 3020 action program as well as to generate financial support for social welfare facilities, creating both social & economic values.


KOMIPO is set to provide 100 million won, amassed from KOMIPO matching fund connected with photovoltaic companies' contribution to the PV power sharing for the social welfare facilities.


Last year, KOMIPO mobilized about 300 million won from the welfare network formula to install PV power generation system at 17 welfare facilities, scaled at combined 122kW.


KOMIPO President & CEO Park Hyung-Koo said, "Through the cooperative agreement, KOMIPO will lead the proactive response to the implementation of NREs 2030 program as well as providing support for establishing social safety net.


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KOMIPO Extends \800 Mil. to Gunsan SMEs

2018. 4. 5. 09:43

- Damaged by Closure of Hyundai Shipyard & GM Korea

Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. (KOMIPO), rallying behind the government drive to invigorate economy of Gunsan area, extended 800 million won for 20-odd automotive & shipbuilding SMEs (small & medium-sized enterprises) in the region to overcome their business crisis due to closure of Hyundai Heavy Industries Gunsan Shipyard and GM Korea Gunsan factories.


The KOMIPO-delivered fund will be used to improve their production facilities and establish informatization facilities.


KOMIPO President & CEO Park Hyung Koo said "We hope, our financial support will help the SMEs in the Gunsan district, leveraging the invigoration of the regional economy."

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"All-We-One" Generating "New KOMIPO"

2018. 4. 4. 17:56

- New KOMIPO President Park Hyung-koo says

Park Hyung-koo, taking office as new KOMIPO President & CEO

Profile photo of new KOMIPO President & CEO Park Hyung-koo 

New KOMIPO President & CEO Park Hyung-koo emphasized "All-We-One" spirit of all KOMIPO people to rebuild KOMIPO, realizing the value of life for all people through sustainable and shared growth on KOMIPO's odyssey to become a global-top energy enterprise.


Taking office on Feb. 13 with an inaugural ceremony with the presence of 300-odd executives and employees, Park vowed to become an open-minded CEO, being responsible and responsive to the change of prevailing paradigm inside and outside KOMIPO.


"I am ready to hear various spectrum of opinions and ideas from all people before making my final decision. To invigorate such communistration (communication+administration), I will dismantle all kinds of barriers involving the difference of organization unit, labor and management, men and women, etc," Park said.


He elaborated on his initiative to "rethink, redesign and rebuild" KOMIPO process as follow:


-Reliability Management honoring basic principles to enlist trust from the public;

-Value Management expanding growth engines in pursuit of sustainable and shared growth and

-Happy Management, maximizing the happiness of KOMIPO executives and employees, related stakeholders, Korean people and beyond.

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