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KOMIPO-Customized 4th Industrial Revolution Due

2018. 4. 5. 10:13

- Strategy Development Contract Inked With Roland Berger


Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. (KOMIPO) signed with Roland Berger, a global management consulting company, on the development of medium and long-term roadmap for KOMIPO's new takeoff in 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) environment.


Proactively responding the 4th Industrial Revolution, the project will draw a medium and long-term roadmap for analysis of strategic industries environment, establishment of intelligent digital power plant model and strategies for the securement of core technologies, etc.


Moreover, the consulting contract embraces the development of new business models, conducive to create new job opportunities, the core policy agenda of the government.


Beyond the core techs of 4th Industrial Revolution including big data, IoT, AI. etc, the consulting contract is expected to draw solution for KOMIPO's sustainable growth, digitally connected with the ecology of future energy industries.


Already, KOMIPO has been utilizing 4th Industrial Revolution technologies, i.e. Smart-PAM, forecasting trouble occurrence of power plants utilizing big data; combining of drones & IoT for effective management of outdoor coalyard facilities; VR-based safety experience & education system; digital twin-based convergence education platform; big data-based new & renewable energy operation platform, etc.


KOMIPO President & CEO Park Hyung Koo said, "We will combine KOMIPO's accumulated wealth of operation technologies with core technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution so as to establish human-oriented future development platform, conducive to enhancing the value of life along with KOMIPO's odyssey to join the rank of global top energy companies."

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KOMIPO Wins MOTIE Minister Award

2018. 4. 5. 10:11

- As a Outstanding Innovative Public Enterprise

The meeting of chiefs in charge of planning & administration of public enterprises under the umbrella of Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (At center is Associate Minister of MOTIE's Planning & Coordination Office)

Award certificate No.-121601


Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. (KOMIPO) received the MOTIE (Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy) Minister Award, being chosen as an outstanding public enterprise in terms of innovative management.


The award has been the result of MOTIE's comprehensive appraisal for innovative management performance of Korean public enterprises & institutes nation wide during the period of 2017.


The assessment report values highly the KOMIPO's innovative management process system, embracing overall value chain, which consists of power plant construction, operation, electricity trade, management strategies and fuel procurement, etc.


KOMIPO has developed direct imports of LNG and supply-demand simulation system for the first time in Korea, which has resulted in saving 45.2 billion won.


KOMIPO is the sole public enterprise, which has been selected by Shared Growth Commission as the most outstanding enterprises in terms of multilateral achievement co-possession.


Other areas of KOMIPO's cited innovation include establishment of smart power generation management system utilizing big data; environment information disclosure on real time basis via Internet and securing economic efficiency of fuel procurement based on consolidated fuel information system.


SeongIk Jang, KOMIPO Executive Vice President in charge of Planning & Administration Division, said "The receipt of MOTIE Minister Award is the fruit of the innovative activities of KOMIPO executives & employees, generating a momentum for KOMIPO to stage a take-off to join the rank of leading global energy companies. KOMIPO will continue to innovate technology and management, generating social & enterprise values, delivering dream & right to the people in Korea and the world."



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KOMIPO Developing Intelligent Digital Power Plant

2018. 4. 5. 10:06

- Connected With 4th Industrial Revolution Techs & Solutions

In commemoration of the kick-off for the establishment of digital twin-based power generation operation platform, officials of KOMIPO & POMIT is taking a group photo.


Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. (KOMIPO) has embarked on the development of digital twin-based power generation operation platform, aiming at realizing the IDPP (Intelligent Digital Power Plant).


The project features the connectivity & convergence of USC facilities at ShinBoryeong Construction Site Division with Virtual Reality (VR) technology en route to establishing digital twin-based platform.


Moreover, KOMIPO plans to establish an education program which enables reciprocal education system, communicative devices for instructor and trainee concerning generation facilities separation, fabrication, maintenance & checkup, etc.


The state-of-the-art platform is scheduled & start operation in December this year, innovating various type of communication education.


KOMIPO President & CEO Park Hyung-Koo said, "Through convergence & connectivity with inspiring 4th Industrial Revolution technologies & solutions, the project is expected to raise the reliability of facilities, fostering promising SMEs small & medium-sized enterprises and creating job opportunities."


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KOMIPO Biz Direction With Energy Policy Shift

2018. 4. 5. 10:03

- 2nd KOMIPO Climate Environment Forum

The 2nd KOMIPO Climate Environment Forum is under way

KOMIPO President & CEO Park Hyung-Koo, center, and participants at the 2nd KOMIPO Climate Environment Forum, is taking a group photo.

On the heels of inaugural KOMIPO Climate Environment Forum on Dec. 18 in 2017, KOMIPO hosted second round of the forum March 27, exploring KOMIPO's responsible & responsive direction to energy shift at home & aboard.


Eight professionals including Park Jae-Muk, President of Daejeon Sejong Research Institute, took part in the forum consisting of paper presentation & panel discussion.


In his greeting remarks, KOMIPO President & CEO Park Hyung-Koo said, "KOMIPO will proactively respond to changing environment through implementation of New & Renewable Energy 3020 Plan, reduction of fugitive dust & greenhouse gas, fuel conversion, etc," pointing out that the current wave of energy shift to eco-friendliness is an unavoidable global energy trend.


In the first keynote session, Lee Sang-Jun, a researcher at Korea Energy Economy Research Institute, presented the first paper, in which he touched on the government policy direction such as basic energy policy initiative, electricity supply-demand plan, roadmap on greenhouse gas reduction, etc.


In the second keynote session, Prof. Jeon Chung-Hwan of Pusan National University presented a paper on the direction of coal-fired thermal power plant, taking references of foreign strategic industries case by case. He called for the introduction of high-efficiency and super-clean power plant, advancement of high-grade biomass combustion, K-COAL, etc.


In the third keynote presentation session, Lee Sang-Hun, director of Green Energy Strategy Research Institute said that the expanded new & renewable energy should be regarded as new opportunities, adding "In the field of electric power generation, quality improvement is more important than quantity expansion."


The three keynote presentations were followed by panel discussion sessions led by Park Jae-Muk, President of Daejeon Sejong Research Institute.


Kim Byeong-Bin, co-representative of Chungnam Environment Federation, emphasized the necessity of comprehensive diagnosis & measure against the massive energy-consuming behavior as well as proper steps to reduce heavy dependence on foreign resources, etc.


Cheong Nam-Sun, vice director of Environment Law Center said, "It is necessary to pursue safe energy supply, responding to people's better life demand, translating crisis into opportunity evolving new energy regimes ahead."


Meanwhile, Park Jae-Hum, an executive director of Samil PricewaterhouseCoopers, mentioned about the importance of energy's environment & social values, adding that more positive response is necessary against negative issues involving coal-fired thermal power generation.


Forum leader Park Jae-Muk concluded that energy shift should be made through rational assessment and decision making, based on responsible & responsive communication with people.


KOMIPO President & CEO Park Hyung-Koo said, "KOMIPO will continue to make efforts to supply & clean energy to the people, enlisting trust of people on its odyssey to join the rank of global-top energy enterprises."


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KOMIPO Stages Integrated Purchase Consultation Meeting

2018. 4. 5. 09:57

- Expand Marketing Opportunities for Quality SMEs

KOMIPO's 2018 first half integrated purchase consultation meeting is under way.

Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. (KOMIPO) staged its 2018 first half integrated purchase consultation meeting, aiming at supporting high quality SMEs marketing activities.


About 110 executives and officials from SMEs including KNEP-certified companies, took part in the one-on-one consultation meeting, held at Westopia in Boryeong City, Chungcheongnam-do Province.


KOMIPO officials in charge of procurement affairs got together to have business talks with SMEs participants, providing such detailed information as KOMIPO's annual procurement plan, purchase period, terms & conditions for bidding participation, etc.


"We will positively support SMEs' efforts to secure and expand marketing opportunities, contributing to enhance sales of SMEs as well as creating job opportunities, which has emerged as the government's core policy initiative," KOMIPO officials said.

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