KOMIPO-Customized 4th Industrial Revolution Due

2018. 4. 5. 10:13

- Strategy Development Contract Inked With Roland Berger


Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. (KOMIPO) signed with Roland Berger, a global management consulting company, on the development of medium and long-term roadmap for KOMIPO's new takeoff in 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) environment.


Proactively responding the 4th Industrial Revolution, the project will draw a medium and long-term roadmap for analysis of strategic industries environment, establishment of intelligent digital power plant model and strategies for the securement of core technologies, etc.


Moreover, the consulting contract embraces the development of new business models, conducive to create new job opportunities, the core policy agenda of the government.


Beyond the core techs of 4th Industrial Revolution including big data, IoT, AI. etc, the consulting contract is expected to draw solution for KOMIPO's sustainable growth, digitally connected with the ecology of future energy industries.


Already, KOMIPO has been utilizing 4th Industrial Revolution technologies, i.e. Smart-PAM, forecasting trouble occurrence of power plants utilizing big data; combining of drones & IoT for effective management of outdoor coalyard facilities; VR-based safety experience & education system; digital twin-based convergence education platform; big data-based new & renewable energy operation platform, etc.


KOMIPO President & CEO Park Hyung Koo said, "We will combine KOMIPO's accumulated wealth of operation technologies with core technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution so as to establish human-oriented future development platform, conducive to enhancing the value of life along with KOMIPO's odyssey to join the rank of global top energy companies."

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