KOMIPO Wins MOTIE Minister Award

2018. 4. 5. 10:11

- As a Outstanding Innovative Public Enterprise

The meeting of chiefs in charge of planning & administration of public enterprises under the umbrella of Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (At center is Associate Minister of MOTIE's Planning & Coordination Office)

Award certificate No.-121601


Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. (KOMIPO) received the MOTIE (Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy) Minister Award, being chosen as an outstanding public enterprise in terms of innovative management.


The award has been the result of MOTIE's comprehensive appraisal for innovative management performance of Korean public enterprises & institutes nation wide during the period of 2017.


The assessment report values highly the KOMIPO's innovative management process system, embracing overall value chain, which consists of power plant construction, operation, electricity trade, management strategies and fuel procurement, etc.


KOMIPO has developed direct imports of LNG and supply-demand simulation system for the first time in Korea, which has resulted in saving 45.2 billion won.


KOMIPO is the sole public enterprise, which has been selected by Shared Growth Commission as the most outstanding enterprises in terms of multilateral achievement co-possession.


Other areas of KOMIPO's cited innovation include establishment of smart power generation management system utilizing big data; environment information disclosure on real time basis via Internet and securing economic efficiency of fuel procurement based on consolidated fuel information system.


SeongIk Jang, KOMIPO Executive Vice President in charge of Planning & Administration Division, said "The receipt of MOTIE Minister Award is the fruit of the innovative activities of KOMIPO executives & employees, generating a momentum for KOMIPO to stage a take-off to join the rank of leading global energy companies. KOMIPO will continue to innovate technology and management, generating social & enterprise values, delivering dream & right to the people in Korea and the world."



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