KOMIPO Inks Pact to Build Carbon Offset Forest at a Han River Site

2018. 4. 5. 09:52

- Contribution to Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Jung Seung-Kyeo, acting KOMIPO Executive Vice President in charge of Technology Division, left, signs a cooperative agreement to foster a carbon forest at a Han River site, along with representatives from Seoul Metropolitan City & National Institute of Forest Science.

After signing a cooperative agreement to foster a carbon forest at a site of Han River, related participants shout "Fighting." 

On March 21, Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. (KOMIPO) signed a cooperative agreement with Seoul Metropolitan City and National Institute of Forest Science on fostering a carbon offset forest at a Han River site.


Under the eco-friendly project, a total of 1,300 poplar trees will be planted at the 2 ha site for two years, aimed at contributing to greenhouse gas reduction, whose volume is estimated at 50 tons.


According to the agreement, Seoul Metropolitan City will designate the areas where forest carbon project will be implemented and undertake post-afforestation management while KOMIPO will carry out afforestation to foster forest carbon offset scheme. National Institute of Forest Science will provide related technological support and will conduct after-project monitoring.


KOMIPO President & CEO Park Hyung-Koo said, "Proactively responding to the growing need for eco-friendly environment, KOMIPO will actively participate the forest carbon offset project, contribution to greenhouse gas reduction.


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